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Floor Care 101
The vast majority of hard floors can be brought back to life. On this page you will find a more in-depth description of each of the various processes that takes place during hard floor restoration.
It is important to understand, that the longevity of floor finishes and the floor itself, depends on the daily floor maintenance. The initial floor restoration and treatment is the first step, but it is just as important to develop a Floor Maintenance Program that outlines the floor maintenance on a short, medium and long-term basis. This will ensure you get the most from your floor investment.

If you have any questions about our services or are curious to learn more, please don’t hesitate getting in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.

Stripping & Sealing
A Strip and Seal treatment is required when old polishes and sealers have become un-repairable and need to be completely removed from the floor before new coats can be applied. This treatment allows for a fresh start, and it is the perfect time to develop a thorough floor-cleaning program to ensure the treatment lasts for a long time.

>>>Examples of different situations that require a Strip and Seal treatment:

  • When traffic has created walkways or other wear patterns on your floor and completely worn off the original polish.
  • When new floors are installed, the insufficient factory finish will wear off quickly in high traffic areas much quicker than our specially developed hard-wearing floor polishes.
  • Incorrect floor sealing have sealed in the dirt and given your floor a dull and dirty look.
  • Flaking floor polish due to contamination and lack of neutralizing.

Scrubbing & Re-coat

When normal wear and tear has started wearing off the top layers of floor polish, a Scrub & Re-coat will repair the finish and so the floor remains easy to clean. Sometimes this can be referred to as a ‘clean and re-seal’ or ‘deep scrub and re-seal’ but essentially it means to deep clean the floor according to the Scrub & Re-coat procedure and re-apply floor polish accordingly.

>>>The Procedure, a simplified example:

  • The floor in a corridor has originally been treated with 5 coats of polish.
  • After a period of time normal traffic has worn off the top two coats (the 4th and 5th) and light scratches and embedded soil are present in the 3rd coat.
  • During ‘deep scrub’, the damaged coat - in this example the 3rd – is removed.
  • Because traffic patterns wear off the floor polish unevenly, our corridor will have 5 coats left on the edges, but only 3 coats left in the middle where all the traffic has flowed.
  • After the ‘deep scrub’ there will be 4 coats on the edges and 2 coats left in the middle. Embedded dirt and light scratching are removed.
  • A minimum of 3 coats are applied in the middle section of the corridor, 1 coat is applied along the edges.
  • The floor has now been ‘cleaned up’, regained its original appearance and regular daily cleaning can carry on as normal.

Scrub & Re-coat treatments are used within a structured Floor Cleaning Program and can only be carried out when layers of polish remains present on the floor and HAVE NOT been worn off anywhere.

Knowing how and when to repair finish is a skill that requires training and developing ‘an eye’ for. However, when carried out correctly, it will reduce the need for costly Strip & Seal treatments. Our Periodic Floor Maintenance programs can include Scrub & Re-coat treatments at regular intervals to ensure sufficient floor protection everywhere on the floor to avoid traffic wearing through the polish and damage the floor itself.

Periodic Floor Maintenance
If you only want to focus on the basic daily floor cleaning yourself but still want your floors to remain in a tip-top condition at all times, Periodic Floor Maintenance enables you to do that.
Covering a wide range of floor treatments, this is a maintenance program individually developed to suit your business. Unique Floor-care periodically carries out the particular service you require to keep your floors in the condition you want them. All you will have to do is to carry out the daily floor-cleaning yourself. We will even create an Individual Floor Cleaning Program with instructions of how you or your cleaning contractor should clean your floor most effectively.
Due to time constraints, turnover of staff, lack of resources, inexperience etc, it is very rare that a facility can realistically carry out periodic floor cleaning themselves in line with the recommended methods without any help.
Periodic Floor Maintenance is a service particularly suited for businesses who realize their floor is an asset that need looking after properly:

Ultra High-Speed Burnishing
Once your floor has been sealed and polished, regular burnishing can be carried out to further enhance the look of your floor and extend the life of the floor finish. This is particularly suitable for high traffic areas where a high gloss ‘wet look’ is desired.
Using an Ultra Higher Speed burnishing machine (min 1500/rpm) with the appropriate white or blue floor-burnishing pad, this method can instantly restore the gloss to a floor where traffic has created light scratches in the polish.
First, the floor will be thoroughly vacuumed or dust mopped to remove soil particles that otherwise will scratch the coating or floor covering.
Following the dry dust removal the floor is cleaned with a pH neutral cleaning solution or a cleaner/restorer as appropriate. Burnishing starts when the floor is completely dry.

Concrete Grinding/Polishing & Cleaning
This is the first step of restoring a stone floor with extreme faults such as lip-page and deep scratches. Lip-page is when the floor tiles on either side of a grout line are of different height, giving the floor an uneven appearance.
Coarse metal bond diamond abrasives are used in the first ‘cut’ to remove lip-page and deep scratches leaving a smooth and evenly honed surface, ready for Diamond Polishing.
When the pores of the concrete have been opened up, usually in the early stages of polishing with resin bond, we apply a densifier to make the floor denser and harder. This will close the porosity of the floor and make it easier to clean.
Ultra-high speed burnishing with diamond impregnated floor pads can be used as the final step to achieve a very high gloss finish.

Individual Floor Cleaning Programs
We provide Individual Floor Cleaning Programs to all of our clients after we have restored their floor.
This program serves as a guide of how to carry out your daily floor cleaning most effectively, and it includes recommendations for products, methods, dilution ratios and cleaning frequencies to use, etc.
It doesn't matter if your facility is large or small, or if you currently use mops & buckets or ride-on scrubber dryers; we will make our recommendations on an individual basis to help you optimize your daily cleaning based on your type of facility, traffic, equipment and methods currently in use.
60% of all cleaning time is spent on floor maintenance alone, but even though great products and new cleaning methods have been developed, many facilities haven't caught up yet.
We can show you small alterations in your daily floor cleaning that will improve results instantly.

After Care Advise - Follow up
After investing in the restoration of your floor it is important to ensure you get the most benefit from your investment. Therefore within six weeks of the completion of the restoration we will contact you to find out how your new floor is performing and if you have any questions about our recommended floor cleaning program.
It is important to understand that the longevity of your floor finish depends on how well it is maintained, and our aftercare and advice aims to answer any questions you may have regarding protecting your floor.
We are happy to demonstrate floor-cleaning techniques and to train your staff to achieve the very best protection for your floor.