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Dryer vents are an often-overlooked part of home maintenance. After cleaning your lint filter catch, it’s easy to assume that there’s no other buildup from running your appliance. However, over the years adl-dryer vent cleaning service has discovered time and time again, dryer vents can build up excessively and cause serious issues. Whether it’s the fire hazard posed by this combustible material or the degradation of your appliance’s efficiency, the risks are real. Our dryer vent cleaning services can help you to remove all this buildup from your dryer vents, whether they’re commercial or residential.

Clothes Dryer Lint is a Fire Hazard

According to the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management, clogged dryer vents full of lint are a leading cause of house fires, "The fire marshal reports one house fire caused by dryers every two days in Ontario,"

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. These clothes dryer fires cause around 51 deaths, 380 injuries, and $236 million in property loss. Unsurprisingly, the leading cause of these fires, at 34%, is the failure to clean dryer vents.

Indicators of Clogged Dryer Vent Ducts
>> Flapper on vent hood not opening when dryer is on
>> Laundry is hotter than usual at the end of drying cycle
>> Laundry, especially towels and jeans, taking a long time to dry