Restaurant Cleaning
we take care of the cleaning,
so you can focus on customers-guests...

Commercial Restaurant Cleaning
We will do your kitchen detail including degreasing, sanitizing, and infection control. Your dining areas, buffets, and bars will sparkle after we are through. With your improved appearance, you will watch your sales grow. Your customers will continue to come back to enjoy your comfortable environment.  We can stand up to your demanding schedules If you are in the fast food industry, you know that you are held to a high standard for performance and we will stick to your requirements.
You can trust in our more than 18 years of experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Smooth and efficient problem-free cleanliness
Be ready for an inspector to walk in at any time with our professional crew on the job. You will feel confident that your A-plus rating is secure.

Covering all of your surfaces - we will get it done
- Complete floor care maintenance
- Exterior/Interior hoods and vents
- All stainless steel surfaces
- Interior glass surfaces
- Wall/Tile/Grout surfaces
- Hot lines
- Ceilings
- Air diffusers and vents
- High dusting

Commitment to our valued customer
As a restaurant owner or manager, you are very aware of how dependable a cleaning contractor must be in order to prove the level of satisfaction you demand.  Restaurant establishments do not close and are open daily 365 days a year; therefore, you need a cleaning company that can meet and fulfill these requirements.  ADL-systems holds the top spot when it comes to most continues days worked in the Alberta restaurant industry.  From our first restaurant account acquired in 2004, we are proud to say we have never missed a nights cleaning at any of our restaurant accounts.

Our work speaks for itself
We are particularly proud of our restaurant-cleaning services. Restaurants are important places to keep sanitary because they are a primary location for food preparation and consumption. As a top restaurant-cleaning company in the city, we are confident that you will be pleased with our services.

About the guests-customer experience
The dining room is the face of your business, and restaurant-cleaning companies agree that it should be kept sparkling clean at all times. When you choose ADL-systems janitorial services for your commercial restaurant-cleaning needs, we guarantee that we will clean your property thoroughly and efficiently. Our expert restaurant-cleaners will vacuum all carpet areas, wash tables and chairs, and scrub down walls, windows, and doors. ADL-systems will even dust the most hard-to-reach places along with a monthly floor scrub program tailored to your needs, so there will be no doubt about your restaurant’s cleanliness.
When you choose ADL-systems as your restaurant-cleaning company, we will keep your restrooms sanitary at all times. We will scrub the sinks and toilets, change toilet paper rolls and garbage bags, and make sure that soap and paper towel dispensers are constantly stocked for your valued guests.